The Nannyinsure Policy

While you look after the children, Nannyinsure will look after you

Nannyinsure provides cover in the event of an incident occurring whilst the nanny is carrying out her professional duties. The policy covers:

  • Accidental Bodily Injury to any person
  • Accidental loss or destruction of, or accidental damage to third party property, including such loss or damage by a minded child.

We offer one fantastic policy with these great benefits

  • Nanny duties are covered for trips outside of the UK when travelling with at least one parent for business or pleasure purposes for up to 90 days in a single trip and up to 180 days during a 12 month period of cover
  • Administration of Drugs and Medicines*
  • Personal accident cover*

*Conditions apply. For more detailed information please read the Nannyinsure policy below.

Main exclusions:

  • Malicious, deliberate or reckless acts
  • Injury to the nanny or their family
  • Liability covered under any other insurance policy
  • Damage to property owned by you or your employers

> Temporary nannies & nanny shares:

Temping nannies or nannies with more than one employer can be covered subject to standard policy conditions without the need to inform us every time they change jobs. However, Nannyinsure must be informed if the nanny begins a job where any of the children suffer from any medical conditions.

*Conditions apply. For more detailed information please read the Nannyinsure policy below.

Click here for the Nannyinsure Policy Summary

Click here for the Nannyinsure Policy Wording




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