Ofsted and Insurance

Nannies need to have Public Liability Insurance as part of becoming Ofsted Registered.

If nanny employers wish to use childcare vouchers to pay part of their nanny’s salary, then the nanny must by Ofsted Registered.

Nannyinsure covers nannies for the mandatory cover for Ofsted Registration and is specifically suited to home childcare professionals.

Read more about the Ofsted registration criteria for nannies and home child carers.

Who pays for the policy?

Some employers will offer to pay for the nanny insurance as they will receive the benefit of using childcare vouchers.

However, employer and nanny need to be aware that whoever pays for the policy it will belong to the nanny. This means if the nanny leaves employment part way through the year the policy still belongs to the nanny and the employer cannot ask for a refund on the nanny’s behalf.

How do I show Ofsted proof of insurance?

Once the policy has been registered with Nannyinsure we will send you a policy summary and email that confirms your insurance with us – you can print these documents to show to Ofsted along with your unique policy number to prove you have public liability insurance.


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