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Top 4 Nanny Training Courses

Did you know that nanny training is great for enhancing your professional status, building up your CV and even demanding a higher salary?

nanny with children

What is nanny insurance and why do I need it?

Heard the terms ‘public liability cover’ and ‘level of indemnity’ and thought, ‘what does that actually mean?’ Don’t worry, we’re here to clear it all up!

4 ways to interact and engage with pre-teens

Lucy Boulton (former nanny and Childcare Specialist at The Lady) shares her top tips for interacting and engaging with older children and pre-teens.

The NannyHub – New for Nursery World Show 2020

The NannyHub will be a vibrant, engaging and welcoming feature area with a core aim of supporting the professionalisation of nannies as a key segment of the early years and childcare sector.

Nannytax interviews Nanny of the Year 2019

We interviewed Nursery World Awards Nanny of the Year Michelle Cusack to try to uncover the secrets to her success! She had some fantastic advice and insights to share.

A Guide to Net vs Gross

We called this the ultimate guide to Net vs Gross for a reason! Here we’ll discuss the differences between a net and a gross salary, the history of ‘take home pay’ and why both employers and nannies will benefit from ‘going gross’.

Maternity Leave for Nannies

For our first ‘Ask the Nannytax Expert’ Q&A, we’ve called on our Payroll Team Manager Tiare to help answer all your questions about nanny maternity pay and leave.

How to kickstart your Nanny career

When you become a nanny you begin a fantastic hands-on childcare role that helps shape children’s learning and development. 

Top 5 FAQs about Self-employed Nannies

Can a nanny be self-employed? We’re often asked this at Nannytax but the answer isn’t straightforward.

Understanding Nanny Shares

Nannysharing can be a great childcare option for some families. Senior Payroller Trupti Patel explains how the arrangement works.

Best interview questions to ask a Nanny

Interviewing a potential nanny can be daunting! Here are some questions that should help an interview to run smoothly.

Taking a Nanny on holiday

Taking a nanny on holiday can be a great idea for busy families in need of a helping hand but there are certain things that need to be laid out in advance.

The History of Nannies

Nannies have played an integral part in households for centuries but the history of nannying is somewhat blurred. 

How to become an Ofsted-registered Nanny

Check out our handy guide to becoming an Ofsted-registered nanny – and find out how it benefits both you and your employer.

Royal Nannies – past and present

Most royals have had a nanny, nursery governess or caregiver who’s helped with their upbringing.

Top Days out in London for Nannies

We’ve assembled a child-friendly London guide full of enjoyable activities that can develop their learning skills too.