Why have nanny insurance?

What is nanny Public Liability insurance?

Nanny Public Liability Insurance is designed to provide protection for you in the work that you do. It can provide cover up to £5m for compensation, claimants’ costs and expenses if your charges are injured in your sole care as well as other circumstances. This cover is subject to the terms and conditions of the policy, please refer to the Nannyinsure Policy Document and Nannyinsure Insurance Product Information Document. For further details click here.

Why do nannies need insurance?

Protect your reputation and career

No matter how eagle-eyed a nanny you are, accidents can happen and if these occur whilst the children are in your care, you could be found liable. Safety can often be considered the core of a nanny’s role – having this protection means that you have some cover in place should the unforeseen happen.

Positive working relationships

Holding insurance can show that you have taken action and been pro-active in putting protection in place, aiming to provide reassurance and demonstrate professionalism to an employer.

Registering with Ofsted and Tax-Free Childcare

Having Public Liability Insurance is mandatory for becoming Ofsted-Registered. As well as enhancing your professional status, it’s often in your employer’s best interest as it means eligible parents can benefit from government support schemes such as Tax-Free Childcare. Many parents now actively look to hire Ofsted registered nannies so it could also make you more employable and stand out amongst other candidates in an increasingly competitive industry. You can read more about applying for Ofsted here.

A Nanny’s Perspective:

“It is a nanny’s responsibility to ensure a child in their care is safe at all times, but accidents can and do happen. Children are knocking and bumping themselves all the time during play and as nanny days are often long, the chances are, that some of these accidents will happen while the children are in a nanny’s care.

While I know that I always took pride in my work as a professional nanny with the children I cared for and was always very safety conscious, I was always aware that anything could happen at anytime because that is the nature of the job. Children are inquisitive and energetic explorers, and this can often lead to accidents.

As a professional nanny you might work alone, but as a Nannyinsure policy holder you will have the comfort of knowing that you have the support of an insurance policy, specially designed for nannies, so they will be there to support you should you ever need it.”

Fi-Star Stone, Parenting expert, Writer, and former Professional Nanny, Nov. 2021